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What is the best way to choose an appropriate immersion model for your school? Do immersion programs have to start at the kindergarten level, or can you start later? What are my options for starting an immersion program?


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I suggest contacting ACIE (American Council on Immersion Education) for general information on immersion programs. They are part of CARLA at the University of Minnesota. Their web site is

In general, younger is better although intensive programs that begin in middle school, while not immersion, can be effective. We have been doing Chinese partial immerion (50-50) model from PreK through 8 for 27 years now and it fits our community.

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Go to CARLA workshop during the summer. Two of our teachers went and they learned a lot.
I will suggest if you can set up an immersion program in Kindergarten or even earlier.

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Hello- I am wondering if there are any Mandarin full immersion programs in California. Does anyone know of any?

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I am the Founder and Head of Shu Ren International School in Berkeley, California. We offer full Mandarin immersion at Pre-K, one hour of English a day at K and first grade (the rest is Mandarin), two hours of English a day at the second grade (the rest is Mandarin), and 50%-50% split from third grade and up. We currently have pre-K, K, and first grade and will add one grade each year till 8th grade. You may find more information about us at

Jie Moore, Ph.D.
Founder and Head
Shu Ren International School
1333 University Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94702
Phone: 510-981-0320, 510-981-0291
eFax: (814) 690-5967

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Hi Patricia, if you still need the information, please send me an email by clicking on the email icon under my photo and I'll send you a list, which is unfortunately very short.

Bonnie Liao, Ph.D.,
Founder & Head of School,
YingHua International School,
Greater Princeton Area, New Jersey

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There are several.
There's a somewhat up-to-date list at

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Hello! Although I don't have a complete listing of immersion programs in California, I know of several in the Bay Area.

San Francisco:
Chinese American International School (Private, PreK-8)
Starr King Elementary School (Public, Currently PreK-3)
Jose Ortega Elementary School (Public, Currently PreK-2)
Presidio Knolls School (Private, Currently PreK)

Global Montessori International School

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you might want to check out the book

Immersion Education: International Perspectives. (Edited by Robert Keith Johnson and Merrill Swain, published by Cambridge Univ Press)

It gives you some perspectives on different immersion models.

Good luck!

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Here is another website that lists out some of the Mandarin immersion programs in the Bay Area:
Hope that is helpful!

Megan Conley

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Here's another article that might be helpful from the American Council on Immersion Education (ACIE) website. Be sure to read through to the bottom where they actually explain each immersion model type, as well as the advantages and disadvantages. It's very useful information!

Choosing An Immersion Model:The Moorhead Experience

Megan Conley

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For those interested in a Mandarin immersion program in the South Bay, the principal of Washington elementary school in Redondo Beach, CA is interested in starting a dual language immersion program, but she's unsure which language program to start. She was unaware of the interest in Mandarin immersion in the South Bay. After some discussion, she asked me to have other interested parents email her so she can hear from other people who are also interested in Mandarin immersion in the South Bay.

Her name is Jackie O'Sullivan, and her email is Please email her about your interest in Mandarin immersion in the South Bay and why you think Mandarin would be a good language for a dual immersion program. Maybe with some enthusiasm we can have the first Mandarin immersion program in the South Bay here in Redondo Beach. Please email soon because she wants to make the decision within the next 2 months to start preparing for the program to start in September 2012. Thanks.