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Website: consists of several experienced teachers who taught Mandarin as a foreign language for a couple of years. According to their website,"Besides we are teaching Chinese in classroom on daily basis, we realize that podcast is another approach to learn a foreign language. We introduce a topic about Chinese culture or what is happening today in China. We are not teaching a pure language; we are teaching Chinese by introducing Chinese culture in a real circumstance; we are teaching you how to say and how to think in your daily life like a native Chinese does." (accessed on 6/08/07)

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Here are the challenges we


Here are the challenges we are facing in teaching and learning Mandarin today: (1) teacher shortage in USA, (2) not everyone can attend classes at their schools, (3) fewer chances to practice Mandarin after school, and (4) not enough time or resources to introduce Chinese culture. Podcast is convenient, flexible and portable. With iPod or any other MP3 player, the learner can easily access the Chinese materials; in addition,they can learn Chinese at their own individual pace.

This review was originally posted on the NFLC LangSource Website:

Tatiana Natzke
Project Manager
CAIS Institute

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