Learning Basic Chinese Characters

submitted by hangzhouharry on Jan 22, 2011

I have written an application to help me learn Chinese characters that runs on the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone (the iPad works best as the characters are much larger!). I have also written a "learning Guide" to help me learn these 288 words -- 16 sets of 188 -- that use over 340 unique characters.

Information about the software (99 cents to 3.99, depending on the device) and the book is available at the URL below. I will upload a free copy of the book in PDF format for members of the Mandarin Center -- and to encourage people to try the software. I will also send free promotional code to allow you to get the iPad software for free to the first 25 people who email a request (either her or at the support address on the www.Chinese4Beginners.com web site).

I look forward to your feedback. (Note the free PDF file is attached to the "Feedback, Updates and Bugs" web page on the product support web site.)