Mandarin Network-teach Chinese through video

submitted by Benson Zhao on Jan 19, 2011

Mandarin Network is one of the first online companies to focus on teaching the Chinese language primarily through video. The Mandarin Network staff has created hundreds of video lessons intended to be watched on various mobile devices; all based on day-to-day situations encountered by a foreigner living in China.

Mandarin Network has strived to make learning Chinese more relevant and accessible to all the people that would like to learn Chinese but do not have access to actual Chinese teachers. With the various time demands of family, work and friends; it has not always been feasible to try and pick up a language. Many students live in areas that do not offer Chinese classes at their high school or University.

Mandarin Network was founded to provide free learning Chinese Video content to the user's mobile phones so that a student living anywhere in the world could study Chinese from their mobile phone whenever the student felt like learning. All of the videos are free to download by all users on either YouTube or the Mandarin Network website.