Storybird (collaborative storytelling)

submitted by Benson Zhao on Aug 19, 2010
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Storybirds are short, visual stories that you make with family and friends to share. You can make it as a classroom or after-classroom activity, encouraging your students to practice Chinese language.


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Chinese availalbe next year.

I got a message from StoryBird Team, quote:

"We plan to add Chinese characters to Storybird next year. We have a lot of demand from educators and parents."

"Be sure to sign up for our blog or follow us on Twitter where we make announcements when new features and services go live:"

it is a great resoruce to use in calssroom


it is a great resoruce to use in calssroom

Did you try it yet?

I tried, and it didn't support Chinese characters. Maybe I missed something. Do you know how to type Chinese in the story? Anyone tried, yet? Help!!

You are right...first time

You are right...first time when I saw its demo, it was very cool. But when I typed Chinese characters there, it didn't take it. I wrote to ask them but didn't get back yet. I will keep you updated about this. Keep in touch!

This is a great website! I


This is a great website! I will definitely use it with my lower school students for digital storytelling!