The TiBi Card: A Writing Aid

submitted by twaltz on Jul 26, 2011

The TiBi 提笔 Card is a simple idea that helps students (and sometimes teachers!) write characters more efficiently.

Made of durable plastic, a TiBi Card set consists of two credit-card-sized cards, printed with the 800 most frequent characters as per the HSK Level 1 vocabulary list (plus a few extras, like those complex number forms you need at the bank!) The characters are listed in Pinyin order, color-coded for tone, so it's easy to get a little glance at that character you know that you know, yet can't quite remember how to write.

TiBi Cards are great for classrooms doing penless Chinese or emphasizing computer input as the primary means of inputting Chinese. With a TiBi Card, students have the same information they would have with computer input -- a list of the characters pronounced as a certain Chinese syllable -- but no additional information, like the character's meaning or any compounds it appears in. Students can use the "boost" to their visual memory to reproduce the character, but still need to think about which character is correct, thus reinforcing their writing skills.

TiBi Cards are available in Simplified and Traditional versions (discount available for class sets of 20 or more) at