Visiting International Faculty Program

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Specialization: Teacher Training, Teaching Materials, Language Instruction
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The Visiting International Faculty Program, the United States’ largest cultural exchange program for teachers and schools, is dedicated to transforming lives through international exchange. VIF offers highly qualified teachers from around the world the opportunity of serving as teachers and cultural ambassadors in the United States.

VIF provides U.S. schools with world-class teachers who groom a new generation of students for success in a globally integrated world. VIF teachers work in the U.S. for up to 3 years and then return home to share their international experiences with students and colleagues in their home countries.

VIF is dedicated to ensuring that students, educators and communities worldwide reap the benefits of international education. VIF believes:

* All schools should have at least one international exchange teacher.

* All students should be exposed to variety of exchange teachers during their academic careers.

* All communities should have an equal opportunity to develop globally literate citizens to help build a foundation for success in the global marketplace.

The VIF staff includes many long-time educators and school administrators who have first-hand knowledge of the instructional needs of exchange teachers and their host schools. Celebrating over 20 years of excellence, VIF has developed a comprehensive preparation and support system for all participants to ensure the best experience possible.


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