Cupertino Language Immersion Program at Meyerholz Elementary

submitted by Alexv on Sep 22, 2009

Program Type: Immersion
Program Level: Kindergarten, Lower School
Location: San Jose, CA
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"Our goal is to develop bilingual and bi-literate competency. The percentage of time children spend learning in Mandarin or English changes as they move from kindergarten through fifth grade...As students move past second grade, the time spent in both languages becomes evenly divided. In addition, as children move through this program, their skills in the two languages will vary. It is common for one language to be stronger than the other at any given time. Then language facility will switch, and the language that was lagging will become stronger. By the time children reach the fifth grade, they will be fully biliterate in both languages and will test equal to or higher in standardized English tests compared to their monolingual counterparts. This does not happen overnight, so parents must be committed to the long-term immersion process for their children to be able to reach this goal."

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