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submitted by caisinstitute on Jan 22, 2009
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nciku is a free Chinese-English and English-Chinese online dictionary with many unique search options and other features. New dictionary entries and other custom content are uploaded daily to help you realize your language learning goals. These are some of the many features that make nciku a great place to improve your language ability: The easiest way to find Chinese characters. Participate in discussions about anything Chinese or China related. Words you search are automatically saved for you in your page. Learn new words and track your progress with 4 different tests. See and hear the pronunciation for all examples and conversations and study, edit and save real-life phrases. (Accessed on 12/26/07)


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For handwritten character


For handwritten character lookup, chengyu and hard to find vocabulary, Nciku is the BEST! Do sign in so you can keep track of your needs and take advantage of the site's learning features.

This is a very useful and


This is a very useful and powerful tool for the Chinese and English learners. Take a look at the nciku Tour, or just look around the site yourself to discover all nciku has to offer. Recommended for all level students.

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Tatiana Natzke
Project Manager
CAIS Institute